Birth and death are recurring themes in the bible.  In Samuel I, the biblical narrative mostly belongs to Hana who is barren and consumed by intuitive desire to conceive and give birth.  Instead, each month Hana experiences death as her womb flows out the potential for life. The emotion of her infertility is raw, as is her prayer and the satisfaction of her childbirth. 

 In Sefer Hana, Hana's experiences and emotions are expressed through images of fetuses.  We all began here and, at times of despair and extreme vulnerability, return to our primal consciousness.  The final image in the book merges birth and death into one figure, questioning the cycle - where do we begin and where do we end? As a woman who has given birth, miscarried and moved through the phases of fertility, I am compelled by this feminine intimacy, which transcends border and time.

Sefer Hana is a limited edition accordion book of woodcuts, hand printed on Japanese paper.

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