Artist Statement
My work explores connections between the physical and the spiritual – the memories of the body that reside in the soul.  Landscape, such as the Midwestern prairie or the Icelandic tundra, becomes an allegory for psyche and emotion. I think about place and how my surroundings impact my feelings and thoughts. Although I am a city dweller, my soul is most stirred in lands that seem beyond the control of humans.
When I began painting landscapes, I was inspired by my memories of traveling to the Orkney Islands in Scotland, almost thirty years ago.  The Orkney Islands are isolated, sparsely populated and a fierce and beautiful earth and sea. Presenting a stark contrast with my busy and noisy city life, ultimately the islands came to represent in my imagination a place to travel deeply for reflection. 
The paintings of Orkney led me to search for other lands that could evoke memory and passion, including the Midwestern prairie and the Icelandic tundra. One November day in the prairie, a particularly dramatic storm led me to consider the fleeting quality of our perceived world.  The objective world of earth and light was constantly changing and I sought to understand it through painting. “Under the Sun” was my first artistic attempt to grasp the impossible, the elusive sensory elements of earth, sun and air.  By joining three unconnected images, I considered these elements and their relationships through a Hebrew word, havel, which literally translates as breath.  I thought of being outside on a cold day and watching my breath appear and then dissipate.
In my paintings of Iceland, I continue to question how I perceive and represent nature.  “All Is Breath (and Breath Is Fleeting)” blurs earth, sky and water by working from multiple sources to embody a single experience.  Recognizable images, such as sky, clouds and earth, become the language that is less about objective reality, and more about my internal reality.

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